Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kahoo Ramen

So I'm still very into this Japanese ramen phrase ever since my trip to Los Angeles in January. They have some really good, fresh and authentic ramen there that leaves me wanting more. So my boyfriend and I were in the San Jose area and found Kahoo Ramen after a day of shopping. Immediately I wanted to try it.

My boyfriend and I got seated near the bar. From the bar I could see the chefs and the kitchen, and whatever they are doing. The store is small and quite tight. We ordred gyoza and fried chicken for our appetitizers. I ordered a shoyu ramen, and my boyfriend ordered a miso ramen.

[Photo Courtesy of William Yan]

The gyoza was pretty tasty. Judging from how brown they were, I am guessing they are reusing the same oil from whatever they were frying before. The potsticker sauce was pretty good. It tasted different from other potsticker sauce I had.

Fried Chicken
[Photo Courtesy of William Yan]

The fried chicken are basically 3 chicken wings. I didn't like it because it didn't taste seasoned and also, it was quite soggy considering they were fried...not crunchy or crispy at all.

Shoyu Ramen
[Photo Courtesy of William Yan]

First off, so before the ramen were served, I was watching the chefs working in the kitchen. I saw them lay out some raw meat on a cutting board and then move it elsewhere. After that, I saw them placing shell-less hard boiled eggs onto the same cutting board to cut them into halves. At this point, I wish those eggs are not the ones that are in my ramen. Very unsanitary!

My shoyu ramen came with chashu, bamboo shoots, fried seaweed and half a marinated hard boiled egg. The egg is boiled perfectly because the yolk is still golden yellow and runny. The chashu was very different from other places in that instead of sliced pork, it was chunk of pork. Nevertheless, still very flavorful, tender but very fatty. I felt like I was eating a block of fat. The soup is a little watery and bland. The noodle are thin and eggy, taste homemade. Overall it was okay. The ramen left me very, very, VERY thirsty though. I drank so much water while I was at Kahoo, and I left the place wanting more water.

I don't know if I want to come back to Kahoo not because of what I saw with the raw meat and egg. I am guessing a lot of restaurants are like's just that we do not get to see it. What makes me considering about coming back is how thirsty I got after I was done with the ramen. MSG? No idea.