Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yucca What?! -- Limon Rotisserie

1001 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA

My friends and I bought tickets to a concert by a Japanese group from Japan named An Cafe; and so, we decided to grab dinner around the area before heading to the show. One of my friends suggested Limon Rotisserie.

Limon Rotisserie is famous for their what else--rotisserie chicken aka Pollo a la Brasa ! The chicken itself is #37 on the Big Eat SF list, and the restaurant is one of the listed "Top 100 Restaurant" in San Francisco. As mentioned on their website, their rotisserie chicken sits in its marinade for 8 hours before roasting, so before I even enter, I know it is a must try!

Upon entering, the smell of roasting chicken rushed through my nose! It was a small but bright and modern restaurant. The menu consists of small cold plates and small hot places along with Pollo a la Brasa and side dishes. We decided to order one cold plate, one hot plate, one whole rotisserie chicken, and some sides to share between the four of us. With our food, we ordered glasses of sangria and a lemonade.

Pollo a la Brasa - Oh boy! This is one tasty chicken! Crispy and flavorful exterior, and moist tender interior. We ordered one chicken to share among four people at first, but it was so good, we ended up ordering another whole chicken on top of our food.

Ceviche de Pescado y Camaron - Halibut fillet and tiger shrimp marinated with lime juice, rocoto, garlic, and served with choclo-on-the-cob, camote and cancha - Yup, that's all the ingredient that's in this tapa. Simple yet exotic. The lime juice definitely made this dish very, very refreshing. The choclo-on-the-cob looks like corn but much starchy. Rocoto is a round chili pepper that is common in Peru, it's spicy enough to add a little kick to enhance the dish.

Seco de Costillas - Braised beef short ribs with huacatay and cilantro, served with potatoes,carrots and English peas. I usually don't like beef short ribs because it never seems tender to me. But Limon's beef short ribs is definitely very, very tender. They fall apart in your mouth. This dish also reminds me of the beef stew from Chinese restaurant.

Yucca Fritters (front) - The Yucaa Fritters are so good! It's crispy and light on the outside and inside is starchy goodness. The taste reminds me of sweet potatoes and the texture reminds of me regular potato.

Tacu-Tacu (back) - Tacu Tacu is a Peruvian dish made with seasoned bean and rice. The beans are mashed up and mixed into the rice, so to me, this looked like refried bean minus the oil and tasted like mashed beans paste. It tasted okay since I'm not a big fan of beans.

The sangria from Limon Rotisserie is oh la la, quite strong. It was un-gulp-able. I have to sip it! My friend ordered a "Fresh Made Lemonade" and indeed it tasted very fresh made and refreshing.

Limon's service was great! The waiter kept coming back to check on us and to fill our water. My gosh, their rotisserie chicken was good and yucca fritters are super yummy in my tummy! I can definitely go back for more any time!

Oh yes, here is a friendly tip for dinning in a restaurant serving small plates and tapas...bring as many friends as you can! Usually the menu consists of bil-jillion items that by going in a group, you can order more to try and to share!