Friday, August 10, 2012


Back in March, my friend Erica asked me to help make some Pinkalicious sugar cookies for her daughter, Reese's birthday. Pinkalicious is a book about a girl who ate a bunch of pink dessert especially pink cupcakes and thus, turned pink. I never read the story before but it looked adorably pretty! I also never made frosted sugar cookies in my life, how hard can it be? I said yes and then experiment a bit.

Oh boy, it took me hours to make just six cookies. But I already said yes, and I never say no to a challenge (well depends on what), so I got off work and started baking!!

I bought a set of three Wilton cookie cutters that has a cupcake shaped one. I want the cookies to be thin but not so thin that it breaks easily.

Bake until the edge is golden brown, and let it cool completely. Then time to frost!!

Cookie icing can be made with powder sugar and egg whites or meringe powder. I decided to use meringe powder since these are for little kids. I don't want to risk using egg whites even though the risk is quite low.

The hardest part about decorating cookies is waiting. I cannot apply the next layer until the first layer is dry, otherwise the second color will fuse with the first.

Hours after hours, layers after layers, they're ready and done!! The icing color dry lighter.

I also made a crown for Reese. I hope she liked it.

Iced sugar cookies are hard work! Nevertheless, I'm really glad I had a chance to make it though, and definitely appreciate those who hand -make their own too.