Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zelda's On The Beach

203 Esplande, Capitola, CA
(831) 475-4900

I was enjoying one of my summer days at beautiful city of Capitola. It was sunny and hot, which was perfect for wine tasting, sites seeing and baking myself under the sun. After baking myself for a bit, I saw many people enjoying nice meals and snacks at the restaurants by the beach. First though...the American dream...enjoying yourself while dinning outdoor by a beautiful beach. Right away, my friends and I walk around and see which place we wanted to try. Zelda's On The Beach sign that said "Best Calamari in Town" caught our eyes. Not only that, Zelda's offer the biggest outdoor seating area compared to others.  

My friends and I weren't too hungry since we ate lunch aleady, so we just ordered drinks and appetizers to share.

Mojito - Very refreshing

Fried Calamari

The batter was quite heavy but it was flavorful, but the calamari didn't taste fresh. It had some yeast-y taste.

Chilled Prawn Cocktail

The prawns were indeed big and juicy, but four prawns that didn't require much preparation and cost $10.95 are very not worth it.

Zelda's Nachos

Very ordinary nachos with very ordinary and easy ingredients. There is no meat in this, and it costed $9.95. Oh yea, it tasted very similar to carnival nachos.

I think Zelda's food are meant to be simple and ordinary especially for people who want to sit, talk and snack by the beautiful beach. There are nothing too special about the food, but one thing for sure is that they are all overpriced! I don't think I really want to go back to Zelda's and if I do, I think I am paying for the view and not really for the food.

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