Thursday, January 13, 2011

Banana "Cupcakes" or Muffins

Tonight I decided to use what I have in the kitchen and fridge to make cupcakes. I have two ripe bananas lying around and some buttermilk in the fridge. First thought...banana bread? Nah! I'll try making banana cupcakes, which should be less dense and fluffier, and supposedly more moist.

The time took for my the banana "cupcakes" I made took longer than the time it usually takes to bake other cupcakes. First thought! Uh oh! Second thought, it's going to be denser than a normal cupcake. Third thought? It still should be not as dense as banana bread! It better not be! Okay, maybe it'll become muffins!

So at this baking point, I felt like the consistency of the banana "cupcakes" are like muffins. So after my "cupcakes" cooled, I frosted them with some vanilla buttercream. They turned out lighter and comparatively more fluffy than banana bread, but it still could not surpass my is still not as moist and fluffy like cupcakes. Nevertheless, the banana MUFFINS tasted really delicious! I chowed down two of them with and without frosting really fast. I know I know...but I got to taste my own work right?
*Update* January 15, 2011
I took them to work today, and one of my coworkers wouldn't stop telling me how good it tasted! He said he really like the frosting too! Yay! I guess it worked out nicely as a muffin haha.

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