Friday, February 11, 2011


After going to a bar with some friends one night in Little Italy of San Francisco. My bff and I stumpled upon a teeny tiny cupcake shop on Columbus Street. The shop was hidden, but the brightly-lighted cupcake sign attracted my attention. Like that bright sign, the cupcakes at this shop were all brightly colored.

The cupcake shop is like a drive through window. You see these cupcakes on a window of display but when you order it, you have to order it through this tiny window with the guy behind it. He then gave us the cupcakes from the window too. But those cupcakes were some of the best I'd ever had! Moist and not overly sweet at all. Unlike most cupcakes I had, which I only take a few bites of, I could eat the whole cupcake from this shop myself!

With its green color, the Lilly Pad was the first cupcake that got my attention. It was a green tea cupcake with a jackfruit frosting. It was very unique and delicious! The cake was very, very moist even though I didn't eat it until the day after I bought it. The frosting didn't taste much like jackfruit but it was fruity and not overly sweet. And hey! What other cupcakery uses jackfruits? Brilliant!

By flavor, the mango cupcake was my second choice. This was everything mango, and I couldn't asked for a better mango cake. It tasted exactly like it. The cake was also very moist and delicious. It's the only cupcake place so far I know that has mango cupcakes.

I would definitely go back to this place again if I am in that area and can find parking! I would definitely love to try their other unique and colorful cupcakes.

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