Tuesday, February 1, 2011

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Pier 1 1/2
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 397-8880
Who loves sashimi? I do! It tastes even better when it's in a sauce, ceviche style! My friend and I went to La Mar for lunch one Saturday afternoon on a bright and sunny day. The atmosphere of La Mar was fabulous! The restaurant is super clean, spacious  and modern. It contains a large patio overseeing part of the bay. With patio tables and umbella, the scene makes a sunny Saturday afternoon very relaxing and divine.

Upon seated, the waiter brought out a basket of complimentary freshly made chips that consists of taro, yam, plantain and potato. By the way, it was the best chips I ever had! It wasn't too oily and it was filled with  flavors. It also comes with three housemade dipping sauce.

La Mar is known for the ceviche, so my friend and I ordered a ceviche sampler since we couldn't decide among the long list.

Starting from top left, the sampler contains ceiche nikei, which is ahi tuna in a Japanese tamarind sauce. The on top right is my favorite, cebiche chifa, which is yellowtail with peanuts in a sesame ceviche sauce. The bottom right one is cebiche mixo, which is contains mahi mahi, calamari and octopus in a ceviche sauce made with cilantro, red onion and habanero. Lastly, bottom left is cebiche clasico, which is Caifornia halibut in a classic lime and pepper sauce.

We also ordered a pan con lomitos chimichurri, which is a sandiwch that's made with Peruvian style skirt steak strips, with tomato, avocado, onion gouda cheese and chimichurri sauce on an ACME roll. The meat is so, so tender. The gouda cheese was delicious, very smokey yet doesn't cover up the other flavor.

La Mar is on a pricer side of a restaurant but I highly recommend it, especially on a sunny day. Sit at the patio, sip on their famous pisco sour cocktail and of course, eat some ceviche and chips...oh yea...my kind of relaxing Saturday!

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