Saturday, December 19, 2009

Staying Warm with Hot Tea

I hate cold days. All I want to do is stay indoor under a blanket when it's cold outside. When I do have to be out of bed or outside though, I brew myself some hot hot HOT tea!

Tea are good for you and certain teas help strengthen the body. Some tea helps lower cholesterol, helps relax, helps prevent heart dieases and even helps prevent cancers. They are rich in polyphenols. Some tea contains more caffeine while others have none at all. All in all, teas have lots of health benefits.

I went to the tea shop today and picked these up! Got to have my daily cups of tea!

Caffeine Tea

Phoenix Eyes Jasmine Pearl: This is my favorite tea leaves of all time. Like the name, the shape of the pearl is like Phoenix's eye. When brew, the leaves unroll. This tea is pricer than most tea I drink but one sip and you can tell the difference. This tea is low in caffeine and rich in Jasmine aroma and flavor. It's high in polyphenols and helps strengthen immune system.

Dragon Jasmine Pearl: This tea is a little lower grade than the Phoenix Eye Jasmine Pearl, and less pricey also. But it is still very aromatic and rich in polyphenols. It has lower caffeine than regular green tea.

Blue People Oolong: This tea is from Taiwan. It is fermented with mint and liquorice roots, so it tastes very sweet. It promotes metabolism and helps with headaches.

Caffeine-Free & Herbal Teas

Pink Burmeses Rose Buds: From the name, this tea leaf is from Burma. Unlike the small red rose buds, it is more aromatic and not sour at all. It goes great with Osmanthus, and the flavor becomes totally different. It helps soothes and relax, especially after a long day.

Chrysanthemum: It is a very popular herbal tea in China. I love drinking this whenever I have a cold or sore throat because it helps decrease body heat and very gentle with the throat. Oh yes, and it's super aromatic!

Rooibos Chai Blend: Consists of Rooibos, giner, cinnamon, cardmon peels, cardmon seeds and lemon grass. I love chai latte, but never really like chai tea by itself. But if you like chai and spices, this tea is perfect! Everytime when I sniff the dry tea leaves, it reminds me of fresh cinnamon and Christmas! This tea is stronger than regular rooibos tea. It's caffeine-free and it helps relax and with sleep problem.

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