Thursday, December 31, 2009

Smoked Salmon from Canada!

My friend Victor went to Canada for a vacation last week. I asked him if he could get me some Canadian smoked salmon. To my surprise, the kind he bought back is a packaged fillet one. It is surprisingly to me because I never tried fillet ones before, only the raw thinny sliced or sashimi from sushi restaurant. So I was super excited to try this baby out.

Ice Wine Glazed Wild Smoked Salmon from Canada. Love the packaging!!!

Nice orange brown. A bit flaky compared to fresh ones. Reminds me of canned fish in a way.

From the back of the package, it says the best way to serve is with a thin layer of cream cheese on a slice of baguettes. I am not a big fan of baguettes, so I replaced it with my favorite kind of bread--whole wheat bread!

Toasted sliced whole wheat bread, layer of thin cream cheese, and flaky smoked salmon, drizzled with the ice wine sauce that it comes with.
Delicious! It makes a really healthy and hearty lunch or snack, especially if you use whole wheat bread and fat-free cream cheese! =]

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