Friday, December 18, 2009

Sushi, I Love You So Much, I Want to Hug You!

Sushi is one of my favorite food. There are so many variety, even the traditional ones (different kind of fishes). Non-tradition sushi can be made of any fillings and ingredients. I feel like if I can only eat one thing in my whole entire life, it would be sushi because I will never get tired of the varieties! Oh my gosh, I love sushi so much that I just want to hug it day and night!

Well, I can't really hug sushi because it will just turn into mush. I can hug a pillow though. This is when I come into realization...sushi and pillow...sushi pillow!

Now let me introduce the ingredients/components:

Tools and ingredients of this hug-able sushi. To make this sushi super hug-able, I use high grade polyester fiber from Joanne's (I love that store along with Michael's). Oh yes, also my hands because my sewing machine broke.

Sushi is not sushi without rice, duh!

Of course, it also need one or some kind of ingredient. Tomago or egg in this case.

Seaweed is optional, but it definitely adds so flavor to the mix.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give hand-sew tamago sushi pillow!

The way I like my sushi is that the rice to be delicate and not mushed--each grain is individually defined. The ingredient is big but not overwhelmingly big, and the seaweed to be semi-dry, never soggy!

I'm saving this big sushi for someone special! Now, I think I am going to celebrate the finish of this pillow with some real edible sushi! Sayonara!

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