Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Awakenings Cafe

125 Ocean View Blvd, Ste 105
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 372-1125

On a sunny winter day in Monterey, my friends and I went to First Awakenings Cafe for lunch after spending some time at the Monterey Aquarium. The cafe was pretty big with both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating consists of round picnic tables with large umbrellas.
I hungrily ordered the Greek Omelette without olives, and my friends ordered the cafe's specialty--pancakes! One of them ordered the Blueberry one, and another ordered the All That Razz one. 

Greek Omelette with Homestyle Potatoes and English Muffin

 My omelette came with a huge portion of homestyle potatoes and English muffin. My egg was nicely cooked, but it was not the type of omelettes that I like. Instead of incorporating the ingredients within the omelette while the egg was yolky during the cooking process. The cafe cooked the egg until it was almost well done, and then added in the ingredients, thus the ingredients is not glued to the eggs and fall off when I try to lift it. Nonetheless, the omelette was delicious and hearty! The potato was really good. I don't remember I ever finish as much potatoes as I did at First Awakening. It was nicely seasoned.

Blueberry Pancake

My friends' pancakes were the fluffliest and largest pancakes I ever seen. The blueberry one was very light and just enough sweetness. The All That Razz one contained raspberry, coconut and granola, which gave the pancake more texture. The raspberry was a bit sour and the coconut taste was massed by the berries. I didn't like it as much since I prefer my pancake fluffy and soft.

I would definitely come back to this place when I visit Monterey again, especially on a sunny bright day.

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