Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sotto Mare

552 Green St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 398-3181

Came here for lunch with my girlfriends on a weekend. There were four of us girls, and we didn't make any reservation. Two of us arrived first, and it was quite empty on a Saturday afternoon. We sat down and looked at the menu while waiting for the other. There were two waitresses, and one of them didn't look pleased that we were taking up a table and waiting even though the dinning room was quite empty. Nevertheless, she gave us our water, bread and butter, and came to check on us occasionally.

After my other two friends arrived, we ordered a bowl of clam chowder, the Famous Crab Ciopinno, Pesto Linguine, Linguine with Manila Clams, and the Risotto with Chef's Choice of Seafood.

The chowder was okay, it wasn't anything different. Creamy and clams and bacon-filled! Their pesto was unique, it was very pretty in the green color, and it was on the creamier side. It had a lot of basil but it didn't have much garlic.

The linguine with clam was very thick and creamy, a little overwhelming with the cream, and again, lacked garlic flavor. The risotto wasn't that good. The rice was very thick and not creamy at all, it was chunky. The flavor was just odd from all the seafood.

The ciopinno on the other hand, was huge! It came in a pot, which my friends and I did not expect, considering how much food we ordered for four girls! The ciopinno was about $30, and it could feed 2-3 people. I also did not expect that it came with penne pasta at the bottom since it wasn't described on the menu. It was a delightful eat since I had a great time digging through the pot-filled of seafood. Along with the penne, the aromatic ciopinno contained crab, mussels, clams, fish, and calamari. To me, the best thing in that pot of ciopinno was the sauce! My friend couldn't stop dipping bread into it, and I couldn't stop eating the penne that was in it since it was drenched with sauce!

Overall Sotto Mare's food was good. I think I would come back, and I would probably only order the ciopinno to share.

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