Friday, January 20, 2012

Can't Stop Thinking About Sushi Ran

107 Caledonia St

Sausalito, CA 94965
(415) 332-3620

It was a pouring night, but it did not stop my friends and I from coming to Sushi Ran. We parked our car, ran through the rain; and luckily, once we entered for our reservation, we got seated right away at the sushi bar (my favorite place in a gourmet sushi restaurant). We also got lucky because the executive chef was the one making our sushi for the night!
I ordered the omakase, which by the way is very worth it--chef's choice of 7 pieces of quality and beautifully-prepared sushi made with Japanese fishes for $36...oh yes, and toro was one of it. The omakase was such a teaser; we got excited and ordered more and asked the chef to make us whatever he liked for us to try. I felt like we tried almost everything on the nigiri menu, and all tasted delicious! Everything was so tasty and entertaining because all the fish were specially prepared and pair with condiments to bring out their flavors.

I recommend:

**Katsuo--lightly cherrywood smoked bonito. It has this very unique smoked flavor that's to die for!

Katsuo--cherry smoked bonito
**Kaisui uni--deep sea urchin from Hokkaido. I usually don't eat sea urchin because it's so fishy, but this kaisui uni is soooooo sweet and creamy!

Kaisui Uni--deep sea sea urchin
**Kamasu--seared barracuda. This is my first time having barracuda, and I must say, I love it! The ginger adds a nice touch visually and tastefully.

Kamasu-seared barracuda
**Kanburi-wild winter yellowtail. I love yellowtail, and this yellowtail is no exception. It is so rich and flavorful. You get the normal yellowtail flavor but timse ten!

Kanburi--wild winter yellowtail
**Hon tarabagani-fresh steamed king crab with miso butter. The crab is so fresh and so creamy. The miso butter is so good!

Hon tarabagani--fresh steamed king crab
Remember to save room for dessert, I recommend the Mascapone ice cream with berries. The ice cream was so creamy and rich in flavor.

mascapone ice cream with fresh berries
Very satisfying dinner, and great service! I cannot stop thinking about it for a week now! I am so going back.

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  1. oOoo... looking at this made me hungry... even for a guy who doesn't normally eat raw fish.. but.. that king crab.. mmm... hehe..