Friday, January 6, 2012

Momofuku Compost Cookie At Home

After I had a taste of Momofuku's compost cookies in New York City, I was in love with it! It's one of my favorite cookies along with Teacake's chocolate hazelnuts. So while shopping for christmas presents at William Sonoma, I came upon Momofuku's cookie mixes. I did not see the flavor I want, but a few weeks later, my boyfriend brought home my favorite one! Lo and behold...he bought the compost cookie one.

I highly recommend this box of goodie goodness. It's also available online at Momofuku Milkbar website. It's simple to do, and it tastes exactly like the store bought ones.

Everything is nicely separated into packets. The package has all the main component. I just had to add my own butter, an egg, pretzels and potato chips.

The mixture smells so good. The instruction said to separate the dough and roll it into 9 balls, but I rolled it into 10 instead.

The cookie turned out thin, soft and super chewy. The reason I really like this cookie is because it's sweet and salty, and it's chewy and crunchy. It's the perfect balance of flavor and mouth-feel.

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