Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Raspberry Macaron

I started making macaron at end of December. I was a little intimated with making macaron because it consists of so few ingredients, but the technique involves is complicated. To my surprise, my first batch turned out pretty good! The cookies have feet and are crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside.
Today I decided to make a raspberry one. This would be the fourth flavor I've made, along with vanilla, matcha and coffee.

Macaron contains almond flour, powder sugar, granuated sugar and egg whites. There are the French style macaron and Italian style. Both are simliar except that the granulated sugar is melted in the Italian one.

Weighing and sifting the dry ingredients are as important as the way to incorporate all the ingredients together by hand...yup, by hand! That step cannot be replaced by machine since it's very delicate.
The consistency has to be correct. Running batter leads to flat and airy macaron. Hard macaron will lead to cracks on exterior of the cookie.

Baking time also play a role. If the macaron is under-bake, the cookie is going to be stained. If it's over baked, it is going to be hard and non-chewy at all.

Last but not least...the fillings! The filling is what gives the macaron the intense flavor of what it is supposes to taste like.

For the raspberry macaron, I just made a simple buttercream and added couple tablespoons of raspberry perserves.

These cookies are to die for! They are so small and colorful, which make great gifts!

A few for myself, and some to share at work's potluck.

Yummy! I can eat them all in one day if I want to...guilty pleasure!

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