Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue Fin Tuna from Japan

Every year in December, I look forward to my boyfriend's company holiday party. Not only do they always host it at an awesome venue, they also always cater delicious food!

This year, the company imported a 50lb Blue Fin tuna from Japan! They held the party at Ozumo, a Japanese restaurant, so they placed the whole fish by the sushi bar for display until it was time to slice it. At the party, we were free to eat as much Blue Fin tuna along with a table filled with yakitori, tempura and terriyaki. We were also free to order anything from the cocktail and sushi bar. It was a Japanese cuisine lover's dream come true!! I didn't eat any of the yakitori, tempura and terriyaki, because I was determined to fill my belly up with my favorite cocktails, the Blue Fin and some of my favorite sushi and sashimi.

When it was time to butcher the fish, everyone gathered.

The chefs carefully clean the fish, and then started removing the head by slicing at the collar of the fish.

After the head is removed, the head chef sliced the fish in twos.

The chef was careful with the fish, and he used a clean towel to keep the fish clean and sanitize.

The most expensive and delicious part of the tuna is the fatty part or toro, which is all located in its belly. I could not stop staring at it as the whole belly was placed in front of me at the sushi bar!

There are two types of toro. There is chutoro, which is the fatty part located on the side of the fish belly. It is much leaner than otoro, which is the fattiest part located at the underside of the tuna. It's so fatty that it melts in the mouth!

Joy in my belly!

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