Sunday, February 12, 2012

Semi-Homemade Dinner: Chicken & Waffle

On lazy nights, I don't have the energy to cook up a meal. So to make life easier, there's always take-out. And sometimes, I just want to add a personal touch to the take-out so that it seems like I made an effort or like I accomplish something for the night.

Tonight, I feel like making waffles! I bought a waffle machine three years ago, and it'd been collecting dust since then. Tonight is the night for it to shine!

Always grease the waffle maker before pouring batter 
Have you ever play a word game in which one person say a word and the other person shout out the first thing that came up in his or her mind. Well, waffle made me think of  chicken! So I told my boyfriend to go grab some fried chicken while I mix up some waffle batter at home. We are lucky to have both KFC and Popeye nearby; we're having Popeye's tonight.

I got this basic waffle recipe from one of my idols, Alton Brown. He's a genius, and his recipe are always very simple and delicious.

Top it all off with maple syrup and down it with an iced cold beer (or just water for me)!

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