Monday, February 13, 2012

Forget the Bread!

Forget the bread in a sandwich! I figured if Denny and IHOP can stuff a waffle with strawberry and other sweets, why not stuff it with savory items? I'm going to use my leftover waffle batter to make myself a sandwich...or should I say stuffed savory waffle.

It's super duper easy. It's like making a waffle but just adding extra ingredients during cooking. I'm going to use smoked ham, tomato, spinach and cheese.

1. Prepare waffle batter and laddle it over the waffle maker.
2. Let it cook uncovered for a minute.
3. Add your sandwich ingredients of choice.

4. Spoon a thin layer of waffle batter onto the sandwich ingredients.
5. Close waffle maker lid and let it cook according to the waffle maker instruction.

Since you can't really add spread like mayo, ketchup or mustard in this sandwich, you need to really rely on the flavor of your ingredients or waffle. Or, you can dip your waffle in a sauce as you eat.

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