Friday, July 2, 2010

Mayes Oyster House

1233 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 885-1233

My friend Elaine is going away for her rotation and we both been craving for some seafood, so we ended up chilling at Mayes Oyster House. The place is small, dim, and very modern with a fire place. The place has a bar in which people can sit, watch sports as well as dinning there.

Elaine and I started with two cocktails. Lets just say you get your money worth with the alcohol because they are oh so strong!...But nasty at the same time. Two of us, and we could only finsih half of each cocktails that were served in standard size martini glasses.

We ordered two appetitizers: oyster shooters and ceviche.

Kamikaze Soyter Shoot - Sake & Japanese mirin with tobiko and spicy pickled Japanese carrot

First look at the menu, and the oyster shooters look like a steal. Two for only the price of $5! But yes, after a shot of it, this shooter was too sour for me. I couldn't taste the sake or the mirin, I could only taste sourness. Oh yes, do not forget to stir your shooter around before you take a shot at it...the oyster might get stuck at the bottom.

Lobster/Scallop/Prawn Ceviche - Ceviche cured with fresh citrus, house made pico de gallo, avocado, house made tortilla chips

The ceviche was pretty refreshing and not super sour like most ceviche I'd had. The meat was a little rough. The chips tasted pretty ordinary, but definitely added a crunch to the meaty texture of the seafood.

Bodega Bay Dungeness Crab Cakes - Basil marinated tomatoes, micro arugula salad

The crab cake was fried golden brown. The exterior was very crispy and the interior was filled with crab meat. It tasted very good with the sauce and basil marinated tomato. I am not a fan of micro arugula or sprout, but I think the green taste of the veggies definitely help tone down and balance the fried dish a bit.

Seared Canadian Salmon - Buttermilk garlic potatoes, sauteed baby spinach, roma tomato cream

I love, love, love the garlic potato. It was mashed and plated underneath the salmon and spinach. I never really like mashed potato but it was so good! The spinach was ordinary. The salmon was pretty ordinary also, but I must say, the marinated diced tomato on top added so, so, SO much flavor to the fish. It made the fish so much better.

The meal at Mayes was decent overall, none of these four dishes really jumps at me besides the marinated tomatoes with salmon. I don't think I would particularly go back, but wouldn't mind if someone want to.

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