Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Town Cafe

4288 Dublin Blvd, Unit 109, Dublin, CA
(925) 833-8300

I love Asian cuisine, and so whenever I go visit my boyfriend in the East Bay, we usually end up going to Old Town Cafe in Dublin for Singaporean food. After going there and ordering the same stuff so many times, I must say, the quality is very consistent.

Roti Canal with Red Curry Sauce -- Grilled Indian-style multi-layered flat bread served with curry dipping sauce

I had roti canal at two other restaurant before, and none of them were similar to each other. Old Town's Roti Canal is thicker and rounder but also flaky. The last time I went though, it was a bit more burnt compared to the other times I was there; nevertheless, it's delicious whether I eat it with or without the curry sauce.

Laksa Noodle -- Delicious rice noodles bathed in spicy coconut-curry broth topped with prawns, fish cakes, bean sprouts and egg.

My boyfriend likes the Laksa do I actually, but since he orders it, I usually then order something else. The curry broth was very rich. It looks oily but it doesn't really feel oily when eating it. The noodle is rice noodle that is round, a bit chewy and slippery. It doesn't absorb the broth too well, but eating them on the spoon with the broth gives off a very flavorful bite! My favorite thing in this whole bowl besides the noodle is the fried tofu that comes with it. It soaks up the curry, so when you bite into it, all the curry broth leaks out into your mouth. Yum!

Hokkien Mien -- Singapore style yellow noodles and rice vermicelli wet stir fried with seafood, pork, chives, sprouts and eggs in rich stock.

This is what I always order when I am at Old Town. I had had Hokkien Mien at two other places also, and none can compare to Old Town's. The Hokkien Mien at other places were either drench in excessive oil or excessive soy sauce, thus very oily and salty!! This one is good--still a bit salty but good! I like the noodle combination, the yellow noodle is chewy and the vermicelli is slippery and much mushy.

Overall, Old Town Cafe is a pretty good place to eat at. The service is just okay--the waiters and waitresses come when you wave at them, but that never keeps me from going back.

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