Friday, July 23, 2010

Roadside BBQ

3751 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA

Going down the 2010 SF Big Eat List, Roadside BBQ was probably the only non-Mexican and non-fancy grilled place. I was a little eager to try it since I pass by it all the time and it's easy on my wallet.

Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich--Slow-cooked and served lean and tender. Served “Memphis Style” —topped w/ homemade cole slaw

The Memphis Pull Pork Sandwich was the item to try on the list. The bread is very soft, and the pulled pork was tender but not too flavorful. I had to add some BBQ sauce to enhanced the flavor. There is a bit of cole slaw in the sandwich but I felt like it would taste better if there are more. If only they add more cole slaw for the extra crunch, because otherwise, I felt like I am eating a sloppy joe but of course, with better meat.

Smoked BBQ Chicken--Marinated, seasoned and slowly cooked for 4 hours until tender and juicy

The chicken was just was a bit dry. Other than the skin, the meat was not very flavorful. The vegetables on the other hand was very moist with grilled flavor. The corn bread broke apart very easily and was too soft to my likely.

I was a little disappointed with the BBQ meat there, but at least they have a couple of BBQ sauces to choose from--spicy one, honey mustard, etc.

I think I would only go back convienent-wise, otherwise I'll go elsewhere.

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