Friday, January 15, 2010

Out of Makeup Remover? No Worry!

Have you ever run out of makeup remover or spend tons and tons of money on makeup removers that are made with chemicals that you can't even pronounce?

NO WORRY! You can still remove your make up without heading out of your house or spending a lot of money...that is if you have olive oil at home!

Yup, that's right! Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil in particular.

Olive oil is filled with anitoxidant, and it is very gentle on skin. It can clear out other oil (like those secreted by the skin) and it won't clot your pores (since the molecular is bigger than pores).

Here are some of the benefits of olive oil as make up remover:
1. It's natural! Say bye bye to those many unpronounceable ingredients in makeup remover!
2. Save you money! You can a whole 20oz bottle for about ten or less than ten dollars! One 4-5oz eye makeup remover averages around $5.
3. Dual purpose -- You can remove makeup and use it for cooking!
4. Mosturize! It is a great mosturizer as well as a conditioner, which means it will leave your skin and eye lash soft and smooth!

Before: Layers of dark brown, gold and burgundy eye shadow. Waterproof black eye liner and waterproof mascara.

After: All clean! And I only use about a penny size of olive oil on a cotton pad, and check out how much make up I removed (below)! Also it leaves my eye lash very smooth and shiny, and skin very hydrated.

Penny size olive oil on a cotton pad.

Viola! Very dirty cotton pad!

Oh yea, olive oil is also a really great mosturizer for hair and nails. Just put some olive oil in a spray bottle and spray over your hair and run your hand and fingers through, wait a bit and then rinse under water. For nails, gently dip your hand into a bowl of olive oil or you can just brush some onto your nail. Wait a bit, and rinse with water.

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