Friday, January 15, 2010

Potato Crisps

It's Friday night and all I want to do is sit in front of the television with a handful of chips--a couch potato eating potato. Anyhow, I realized that I never make potato chips before and was guessing that it would be super easy. Indeed it was!

Spicy Cajun Potato Crisps

Potato itself is starchy but it gets you full with a little under 200 calories for a medium sized one (2 1/4'' to 3 1/4''). Also, one ounce of fresh potato = ~22 calories, whereas, one ounce of store bought low fat potato chips = ~150 calories! In addition, since it is homemade, you can make whatever flavors you want with no preservatives. Yay to homemade goodness!

The thinner the potato slice is, the faster it bakes and the crispier it gets.

I decided to make salt & vinegar, lemon pepper, spicy cajun and curry potato crisps! All arranged onto the foil and ready for baking. Bake in a 375 degree F oven for 1/2 an hour, and then flip over, and bake for another 1/2 an hour.

Curry Flavored Potato Crisps - drizzle a bit of olive oil onto the chips and sprinkle yellow curry powder and mix.

Lemon Pepper Flavored Potato Crisps - After mixing the potato with olive oil, add dash of pepper, lemon zest and lemon juice. Mix until peppers are distributed onto each slice of potato.

For the Spicy Cajun Flavored Potato Crisps (picture at top of the post), add olive oil, cajun powder and chili powder.

For Salt and Vinegar Flavored Potato Crisps, soak potato slices in white distilled vinegar for a minute, and then drizzle and mix potato in olive oil. Lastly add dash of salt and mix.

Tips: Try not to add extra salt to mixes and powders that may already contain salt. Salt certainly helps dehydrate the potato crisps but it will also make it super salty.

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