Monday, January 11, 2010

Suzu Noodle House

n1825 Post Street, San Francisco, CA

My friend and I got out of our night class and boy, it was dark and cold. Our original plan of salad just disappear and we moved onto getting something hot and soupy for our stomachs. We walked around Japantown and my friend suggested Suzu Noodle House.

We arrived half an hour before closing, but the waitress said it was okay for us dine. The place is pretty small, about ten tables or so. I looked at the menu and like many noodle house, it consists of shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce) and miso based soup for their ramen, soba and udon. What jumps at me was one of the ramen comes with pea sprouts. Another thing was that they charge more for the noodles that come with veggies. Also, for hungry people, they offer combos that include a side of sauce and topping over rice with a bowl of noodle.

My friend recommend the pea sprout shio ramen, so I ordered that. She ordered a combo of pea sprout shoyu ramen with curry rice.

Pea Sprout Shio Ramen - It comes with half a hard boiled egg, a piece of chashu, some bamboo shoots and pea sprout. The soup has a thin film of oil on top but the soup wasn't hot, it was lukewarm. I wasn't sure if Suzu usually serves it lukewarm or maybe because I went at closing time, so the soup wasn't hot. The broth was tasty though but left me thirsty like every ramen places I went to.The noodle was nicely organized, chewy but didn't taste too homemade.

Curry Over Rice - My friend let me had a bite and it was super tasty. The dried plums on the side added a tint of sweetness to the curry.
Pea Sprout Shoyu Ramen (in combo) - I didn't try my friend's, but she said the soup was lukewarm also.

All in all, Suzu Noodle House satisfied our craving for hot and soupy food. But nothing really stands out too much. Perhaps I shall go back and try their soba and udon as well.

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