Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quickly Is Oh So Slow

Okay, I just have to let this out. No matter which Quickly I go to, the service is so, SO slow! They totally contradicttheir name. Anyhow, I think this mostly have to do with the amount of staffs they have. I notice most Quickly only has one staff that works the cashier and drinks, and one in the kitchen making snacks. So on really busy days, the front staff is basically doing two or three people worth of work.

I really hate waiting so long for mediocore and already pre-made drinks, but it is so cheap for a milktea. Tonight, I waited over 5 minutes for someone to come out of the kitchen to take my order. If it wasn't because they are so close by, I don't know if I would go there. Oh yes, they have sesame drinks and small tapioca. I never like tapioca until my sister introduced me to the smaller version that I couldn't find anywhere else but Quickly.

When I need some caffeinne, I order the Bubble Milk Tea or Jasmine Milk Tea. They are pre-made but only cost about $1.50 without tapioca. When I don't want the caffeine, I order the Sesame Milk. This is the drink that I can't find anywhere else close to my house. I love black sesame ice cream, and so, definitely like this Sesame Milk drink too. I once asked the cashier what kind of milk they use, and she said a milk cream. I don't know what she meant, but the sesame flavor is so strong that I couldn't tell what kind of milk base they use, even though most likely it'll be powder. Oh yes, I love how it didn't taste milky at all because I hate the milk taste.

If you really want certain things like Quickly like me, then yes, you should wait. Otherwise, go elsewhere.

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