Monday, January 25, 2010

Ya-Hoo for Moutain Dew Throwback!

So lately I kept hearing about Mountain Dew and Pepsi Throwback, which use REAL sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup in the recipe. I don't really like drinking soda, but this I got to try, especially with the red line on the can that says "limited time only".

The packaging does not stand out. If my boyfriend did not point them out for me, I would not have see it as I walk down the store. The packaging does not impress me either. It totally reminds of Christmas, and it seems really outdated. The can resembles those candy packaging from early 90's. But, never judge a book by its cover right?
I usually prefer drinking diet soda because even though the aspartame and splenda may be bad for me, it's calorie-free! Also, I dislike regular sodas because they taste super sweet to me, a bit sweeter than diet ones. Although I must say, it always leave a weird feel on my tongue that regular soda will not. Whenever I drink regular soda though, I cannot finish the whole can. I think the high fructose corn syrup makes me full. With that said, I popped open a can of Mountain Dew Throwback today.
My gosh, Mountain Dew Thrownback is delicious! It tastes different from the high fructose corn syrup ones! It was so good, I finished half a can without even noticing it, and I went on to finish the other half! I also felt like if I wasn't pacing myself, I could have finish the whole can in just several gulps. The carbonate did not bother me either. I was so entrigue by the taste that I totally forgot about the carbonate. The soda was sweet but it wasn't overly sweet as I expected.
I think I would drink this over diet any time!

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