Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Big Eat SF List: #60 Little Stars Pizza, #61 Golden Gate Bakery & #68 Absinthe

#60 The Little Star at Little Star Pizza

I hear so many good things about this place from my friends about Little Star all the time, thus, I was very eager to take my first bite of its pizza. You know how usually when someone hype up a place for you, it never turns out as good. Well, this wasn’t the case for Little Star Pizza. The Little Star at the Little Star Pizza contained spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions and garlic. Perfect! It is exactly how I like my deep dish…spinach, cheese and mushroom! The pizza looked very typical, but it tasted super delicious! The amount of tomato sauce was perfect and it had a little spice in it. It was hot, gooey and surprisingly not messy at all (well, I ordered a small). But other than that, I ate half of the small pizza myself, and it was a lot of delicious goodness. Highly recommend it!

#61 Egg Custard Tart at Golden Gate Bakery

I started eating egg tarts from Golden Gate Bakery from way back My mom would usually buy some and bring home. The crust is super flakey and flavorful since lard is one of the ingredients. The egg custard filling was soft, rich and not super sweet. The egg tarts are also bake fresh every couple minutes or so since there is always a high demand and sold out rate per pan. I always see a line outside the bakery, and it is worth the wait. It tastes so good fresh out of the oven. Also, if you leave them overnight, re-bake them and they will taste just as good.

#68 The Housemade Hot Dog at Absinthe

What made Absinthe's hot dog so special? It is house-made! The hot dog is pretty huge for its size. It costs around $12, so it better be good. Indeed it tasted pretty good. The hot dog comes with Guinness mustard, chili ketchup, sauerkraut, and yogurt-dill potatochips. The casing of the hot dog is very thin, so it was very easy to bite through. The meaty center is very soft and easy to eat also. It is very, very flavorful! The house-made baked potato chips also tasted very good. I would order it again if I'm at Absinthe again.

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