Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vanilla Moon Bakery

872 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA

I get happy when I see beautiful, colorful cupcakes...let alone indulging myself in them. Anyhow, my friend recommended Vanilla Moon awhile ago, and the very same day, I went to the bakery to get a box of four cupcakes. I still remember it was a Thursday. I bought a red velvet, and two of the Thursday special-- tiramisu, and chocolate graham cracker s'mores.

I went back yesterday to pick up some more cupcakes for my boyfriend and friends. I bought some red velvets, vanilla with vanilla buttercream and Monday special--Vanilla with raspberry meringue buttercream, chocolate chip cookie cupakes with cookie. Each time I go, I also buy a mini one so I can have some before I start driving away.

The cupcake is regular, like size of the ones you get when you bake at home. The cake is very moist, even for the mini ones! The smaller the cupcakes get, the harder it is to make them moist. Also, the frosting is perfect amount! It is not overloaded and overly sweet like Sprinkles. One thing that set Vanilla Moon aside from other cupcake shops is Vanilla Moon's creativity with cupcakes. For example, the tiramisu cupcake is really soaked in coffee, and the graham cracker one actually contain a graham cracker crust at the bottom, and of course, the chocolate chip cookie one has real cookie, and raspberry ones have real raspberry blended in the frosting! I love it! Very innovative!

Vanilla Moon is pretty dim for a bakery with natural light from the window; however, the display case of baked-goods is well lit...like golden treasures in a cave! The servers are always friendly with smiles on their faces.  Overall, Vanilla Moon's cupcakes are very nice, but on a pricer side. The regular ones are $3.50 and the mini ones are $1.50.
I haven't try all the flavors yet and I am looking forward to.

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