Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day! (3.14)

Happy Pi Day Everyone! I spent my pi day running errands and semi-studying for my final. I know, how I miss out on this bright sunny day! Pi pie pi pie pi pie...So in the mist of feeling overwhelmed, I decided to make my pi day better by making pies! Making pies are quite time consuming, with that said, I decided to make quick miniture pies! Pie pops anyone?

This recipe is super fast and easy because it is semi-homemade, which means a lot of the ingredients I used are store bought! But it looks just as fun and tastes just as good as making from scratch!

Choco-Banana Pie Pops/ Miniture Pies

What you need is a roll of pie crust, frozen or freeze, or you can make your own if you are not in a hurry! You would also need a small 1 inch cookie cutter. So roll your store bought pie crust out. Gently, use a rolling pin to roll it a little thinner. The pie pops don't require a thick crust, but don't over-roll it because it will kill the flaky-ness of the crust. 

Next, mash half of a banana. Half a banana should be sufficient for 1 sheet of pie crust. After mashing the banana, mix in a little bit of chocolate syrup. The amount is adjustable to your liking. Also, you can also make it with whatever fillings you like.

After that, assemble the pie pops by putting a lollipop stick onto of a miniture crust. Add a little bit of choco-banana filling, and I mean really little! Do not over add because it will ooze out of the crusts when compresses. Next, place another miniture pie crust on top. With another lollipop stick, "glue" the edge together by gently pressing the tip onto the top edge of miniture crust.

Preheat oven to 375 degree. When done with assembling, spray some oil onto a baking sheet or foil. Place pie pops on top and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.

Pie pops can be wrapped with a see through wrapper and ribbons. The miniture pies can be placed in miniture gift boxes as gifts.

I got this one from Martha Stewart's art and crafts.

They make great gifts, as well as treats and snacks, especially for studying!!

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