Sunday, May 16, 2010


5800 Geary Blvd, San Francisco
(415) 752-2222

Spacious and dim, Aziza is located at the much quieter side of Geary. The restaurant looks small upon entering but it actually has several rooms, each with candle lights and decors.

One memorable thing about Aziza is their menu...not the food items that are on it, but the way the items are lay out on the menu. Each item has one bold word in the beginning, that word being the main attraction of the dish. This goes for both the food and the drinks menu. The waitress said that don't look at what's in the dish, rather look at the bold word and see what jumps at you. This is especially helpful with the drink menu since the drinks are organized by the main liquor that is in it. The waitress said most of the drinks are served mojito-liked...crushed fruits or herbs of some sort, so pick the bold fruit or herbs that you like.

Kiwi Cocktail with Grapefruit, Fleur de sel, Tequila

The kiwi taste was very subtle, so was the grapefruit. I could really taste the tequila though. It wasn't something too exciting.

Meatballs with Grape, Jícama, Herb Vinaigrette

This dish is recommended by the Big Eat SF List: #63 - Meatballs with grapes at Aziza. It was indeed very good. I never realized grilled grapes could taste this good! The meatball was very tender and herby. The meatball tastes different when eaten by itself and when eaten with the grapes. The meatball was herby and salty, and with grapes, it is much sweeter.

Salmon with Argula Pesto, Salmon Roe and Olives

The salmon was very smokey. The argula pesto was very interesting. Unlike basil, the argula was more subtle and not bitter at all. I didn't really like the olive though because the salmon was already salty, and the olive was super salty.

Chicken with Pork Jowl, Wheat Berries, Carrot, Snap Pea, Horseradish

I really like this chicken! I wish the portion could be bigger. The chicken skin was so crispy and the chicken was so, so juicy!!! It tasted super good with the pork. The wheat berry soaked up some chicken juice so it was delicious!

Hazelnut Dacquoise, Strawberry, Burnt Honey Ice Cream

The dessert was good and interesting. The burnt honey ice cream pretty sweet but it tasted so good with the crushed hazelnut. The hazelnut dacquoise and the strawberry is another story. It was very light and it reminded me of baklava, but less gooey and sticky. I want more!

Despite the small portion, Aziza was very satisfying. Presentation was awesome, the service was very nice also-waitress was beyond helpful. Utensils and plates get changed and taken away after each course, and my water was always full even though I drank a lot of it.

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