Monday, May 17, 2010

Rotunda High Tea

150 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 249-2720

Rotunda is located on top floor of Neiman Marcus in Downtown San Francisco. The restaurant is very bright in the afternoon since there is a pane glass skylight. After getting seated, the waiter brought us the menu and a small cup of chicken consomme, which is a clear chicken broth. The chicken broth is delicious! It tastes very fresh and rich and doesn't taste like MSG at all. It totally start your appetite. Wish they will serve this broth under the soup section.

Popover with Strawberry Butter

The popover is served as a complimentary if you order anything from the main menu, this excludes the high tea menu. I ordered this on the side for $2.50. The popover is listed on the Big Eat SF List, but it was nothing to "wow" about. It was quite dried and hollow.

High Tea Platter with Sweet and Savory Finger Food

The high tea platter was very, very cute, especially with the variety. But it was quite pricey for the amount of tea and food you get. The above portion is for one person, and if you want to share, there is a surcharge. The sweet and savory finger food was also very simple. The breads from the ones that are savory were very dried. The cakes were super sweet, but I guess they suppose to make the tea sweet.

Sauce Dish with Lemon, Cream Cheese, Citrus Aioli, Jam and Honey

To make it fancy, they give you a bunch of sauces with the platter, which I rarely used at all since everything was either covered with cream cheese, sour cream or frosting already. I felt like it was there just to make everything looks fancy.

I did not enjoy the high tea and service at Rotunda at all. The waiter was rude since my friend and I just wanted to share everything since we went awhile after lunch and were still full. The waiter immediately said there is a surcharge and the tea is not enough to share. When I asked for the popover, he immediately said there is a charge for it. It's not like I won't pay for it, I just asked for an order of it. So to me, everything is just about money and not enjoyment...not cool.

I don't think I want to go back to this place, especially after the rude service and mediocore food.

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