Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tapioca Express

1707 Decoto Rd, Union City, CA

Late Saturday nights, skipped dinner, two empty stomaches...what do you do? Go Tapioca Express! Tapioca Express is known for their tapioca drinks and fried snacks, and with it opens until 3am, it's perfect place for a late night snack.

I'd been craving for takoyaki ever since SF Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival, so when I found out Tapioca Express' other store, Yogurt Train, serve them...I headed right in! My order actually took awhile to get done, longer than the microwave I am guessing they actually make it fresh.

Takoyaki aka Grilled Octopus Ball -- Piece of octopus wrapped with pancake batter, topped with mayo, seaweed powder and bonito

Tapioca Express is also well known for their Crispy Chicken, which my boyfriend and I got...along with Crispy Fish. You can choose the level of spiciness (chili and pepper). We had tried level 3 and 4 before, and so, we ordered level 5 for the chicken and level 4 for the fish. The Crispy Fish was not fishy at all. Like the Crispy Chicken, the batter was very light.  

Crispy Fish

I did not only want to eat fried food, so I also ordered the only non-fried item off the snack menu--cold noodle. The noodle is like typical Taiwanese style cold noodle. It contains shredded cucumber, carrots, chicken on a bed of cold noodle, and serve with a light soy and sesame sauce. Delicious!

Cold Noodle in a Package
Cold Noodle after Mixing

Oh yeah, besides food, I really like their milk tea because they actually made with real tea and not powder. Also I high recommend their snow bubble drinks, which is like a blended smoothie. Unlike Quickly's lumpy snow bubble, Tapioca Express' snow bubble drinks are finely blended, thus taste very fluffy like snow!

Really sucks how San Fransisco has so few Tapioca Express. For location near you, check

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