Saturday, May 8, 2010

Creme Brulee Cart

One dessert that I like to order after a nice meal at a restaurant is creme brulee. I love the rich and creamy custard. Although it is awfully weird to go into a nice restaurant, sit down and just order a creme brulee, and so that's when the Creme Brulee Cart man comes in!

Street vendor carts have been getting very, very popular in San Francisco, and one of the very first street carts I have ever heard of last year was the Creme Brulee Cart. It is a street vendor of creme brulee that usually hang around the Mission area in San Francisco on weeknights and weekend. He has also been spreading his track occasionally to Palo Alto during lunch time on Friday now. The creme brulee from the Creme Brulee Cart is made with organic eggs, and come in many classic flavors as well as unique ones ranging from vanilla, lavender to corn flakes, ritual coffee, coconut, chocolate grand marnier and more! The creme brulee man keep them fresh in the cart, and sprinkles sugar and caramelizes it after you order, so the caramel is still warm when you eat it right away. 

Chocolate Grand Marnier, Lavender and Coconut Creme Brulee

You can follow the Creme Brulee Cart by checking his twitter site at

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