Thursday, June 10, 2010

Curry House

123 S Onizuka St, Ste 204, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 620-0855

Went to LA with the boyfriend for a weekend, and one thing that was on my "to eat" list was curry house! I love curry, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, etc etc. Well, I never truly had "real" Japanese curry. I had some made by a Chinese chef at a Japanese restaurant and then those that comes in a box at the grocery store.

Upon stepping into the shop, I already knew I am going to walk out smelling like fresh curry! Curry House's menu was easy to navigate, but there are so many selections! In the end, I stuck with the traditional and simple, and my boyfriend decided to order something different.
Corn Potage - creamy sweet corn soup

The Corn Potage came with my boyfriend's meal. It tasted nothing like cream of corn because it was creamy but light and watery. It wasn't heavy like New England clam chowder. Nevertheless, the corn flavor was strong.

Chicken and Ginger Curry - Extra spicy curry with ginger, chili peppers and garlic. Served with garlic spinach rice. (With a side of a croquette and hard boiled egg)

Wow oh wow! The rice was delicious! I could tell it was cook in a broth and then infused with garlic flavor...quite heavy but good. The ginger curry was very good also. I could taste the ginger but it wasn't overpowering the curry. The dish was also very spicy but I like it. The chicken was very, very tender. It was like carnitas--peeled off as you bite into it.

The croquette was one of the best I had. The batter was very crispy and the potato was very creamy.

Chicken Curry - Slowly broiled chicken leg dipped in delicious curry sauce

I ordered the Chicken Curry with brown rice. My curry was very simple. I got to choose the degree of spiciness and I chose somewhere in the middle. It was not spicy at all. They gave me a lot of curry, but not enough chicken. The curry was rich, creamy and very, very flavorful...though, it was because MSG is part of the ingredient. Even though it was good and satisfying, I left quite thirsty.

Brown Rice and House Salad

Curry House gives you a generous portion of everything! I felt like they gave me three servings of brown rice. But with curry that good, I could not stop stuffing myself. I finished it all without a doubt and any guilt. Yup, I would definitely go back when I am in town next time.

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