Monday, June 14, 2010

The Way I Like My Cafe--Like Urth Caffe

451 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 797-4534

Oh how I love the sunny weather and outdoor seatings at cafes. Los Angeles has them both! But what struck me the most is one of the cafes in the city--Urth Caffe. Urth has a couple of locations in the LA area.

It is one of those cafe in which you ordered your food at the cash register, get a number, find your own seat, and the food will be brought to you. And when you're done, you can leave your dishes on the table. With that said, the service was still very nice. The order taker was very helpful when asked for recommendations and such.

One of the unique thing that you can find at Urth Caffee is foam art. The barister will use form from the milk to form arts on your cup of latte. Both times I went, it was of a leaf. If you are lucky, you get sweet things like a teddy bear head.

I am in love with one of their signature lattes, the Green Tea Latte. It was very creamy and rich in matcha flavor. I ordered mine with almond milk, which is suppose to be lighter compared to regular milk or soy milk, but it was still very creamy. Another one of their popular latte is their Spanish Latte, which inspired by the coffee in Barcelona. It was very, very smooth!! It was also sweet, creamy and strong in espresso flavor, but strong enough that it didn't leave any tangy bitter espresso after taste.
On my first visit there, I ordered breakfast. I wanted to try everything but the Egg White and Spinach Breakfast Panini really caught my eyes because I love egg whites, spinach and panini!

Egg White & Spinach Breakfast Panini - egg whites, sauteed spinach and mozzarella cheese, grilled on a whole wheat country bread and served with mild tomato dipping sauce

As simple as the panini may sound, it was delcious! The panini tasted good by itself and with the tomato sauce. The bread was sliced thickly and it was grilled brown enough to taste toasty and not burnt. The egg was still burning hot when I bit into it, yummy!

I love this cafe so much that I went back the next day ordering the same latte. Next time I am in town, I'll be sure to grab my morning dose of caffine there again.

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