Friday, June 11, 2010

Cutest Froyo Chain Ever--Cherry On Top

333 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 626-2150

My boyfriend and I were driving around Japan Town of Los Angeles when we stumbled upon this mall at a corner. We always passed by it but never really noticed it. But what made us stopped this time was a huge Beard Papa advertisement. We decided to stop and walk around.

On the first floor, there was this really pretty, bright and pink frozen yogurt shop. It is a huge frozen yogurt shop. One third of it was for you to get yogurt and toppings and the other parts are seatings, booth and a video game machine.

It is one of the brightest store in the whole mall. The decors are gorgeous. They are very classy and modern...definitely gives me a thought of classy and healthy frozen yogurt that suppose to taste above and beyond.

Yogurt Dispense and Topping Stations

What I love about this place is everything is so organized and opened. Oh yes, and I love, love the lights!

Hot Pink Booth at the corner of the shop, perfect for group to hang out.

My pink cup of original, taro and green tea Cherry On Top frozen yogurt.

The frozen yogurts were okay. They were nothing too special. They actually tasted just like Nubi--A bit on the icier, not as creamy and not as smooth side. I would go back if I want frozen yogurt, but definitely not if there are some other ones right near it.

I conclude that even though Cherry On Top frozen yogurt was not that great, it is worth going just for the ambiance. It would definitely be a nice hang out spot since there are quite many seatings.

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