Monday, June 7, 2010

New Kapadokia

2399 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

Sesame Bread with Sesame Butter
This is one of the softest bread I ever had. It was given to us warm. It was so good that I had to control myself so that I won't get full of it.
Lentil Soup Red - lentils, red pepper paste, tomato paste, mint, black pepper, cumin, garlic, and corn oil

I never had a bowl myself, but I always took spoonful from my coworers. This soup is very light, it was not heavily blended of lentils. It is also very flavorful. I could taste the cumin and garlic.

Vegetable Soup - Zuchinni, Celery Leaves, Daikon

I'd been to New Kapadokia about four times now and this was the first time that the Vegetable Soup was an option to be served with the entree. The soup was super duper tasty, light. I love how they put daikon in the soup. Although after awhile, I got super thirsty, so maybe there was a lot of salt or MSG in it.

Chicken Casserole - Vegetable Chicken Casserole - Chicken cubes, onions, tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper paste, baked in casserole and served with rice

I usually order the chicken kabob or Karniyarik, which is stuffed eggplant. They are always delicious and never failed. This time I chose something new and ordered the chicken casserole. I was a little disappointed. My casserole came lukewarm and with a piece of short hair. I asked to be reheated. The owner was super nice. He took it back in and brought it back out with a baklava. The vegetables were very light but not very tasty. The chicken was good though.

Baklava - Layers of flaky fillo dough filled with crushed walnuts, baked and brushed with a homemade simple syrup flavored with lemon

This baklava tasted like a baklava but it wasn't the best I had. The bottom layers were too moist and gooey but the top few was not. The walnut was not as gooey as expected.

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