Saturday, June 12, 2010

Koo's Sweet Rice Pancake Ho-tteok Cart

S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020

I used to think that good food always come with a high price tag...which is NOT always true! Sometimes, the simplest thing and the cheapest thing taste just as good and just as satisfying! This holds true for the sweet rice pancake at Koo's.

I made my boyfriend drive us to California Market, a Korean supermarket to get the sweet rice pancake. There is a cart right outside that sell that resembles a taco truck.

Koo's Sweet Rice Pancake -- cinnamon, brown sugar & peanuts

This pancake was like heaven on earth! It was HOT, gooey, flakey, chewy, and sweet. A food with that many adjective got to be that good! If you ever have a savory Korean pancake made with green onion, it is similar to those but more flakey and chewy. The chewy hot pancake tasted delicious with added crunchiness of peanuts. And did I mention it's just ONE dollar! I wish I would have gotten more, but my boyfriend and I had lunch planned, so we just got one for the both of us. Oh yes, and an added tip, buy some non-sweeten tea in the super market with it. I think the degree of sweetness is great if you just consume half, but I think if I have consumed a whole one, I would want some un-sweeten tea.

Anyhow, next time if I'm in town again, I am so going there again!

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