Monday, August 16, 2010

American Cupcake

1919 Union St, San Francisco, CA

When I first heard about American Cupcake through , they did not even have a store front yet. So when I found out the store finally opened, I was excited!

I have been in a wine and cupcake phrase lately. I love how wine tastes differently when pair with something else and I love how cupcakes are small in sizes but bring such big joy when looking at them and big flavor when eating them. When I saw how there was alcohol pairing with cupcakes at American Cupcake, I knew I had to try it because pairing wine or beer with cupcakes sounds super strange...a white wine maybe, but red wine and beer too?

One super cool thing about this cupcakery is that it serves alcohol and it opens until midnight toward end of the week. I cannot think of any other cupcakery that opens pass 8pm or so. On top of that, American Cupcakes serve other sweets like whoopie pies, puddings, peanut butter sandwiches, candies as well as savory food like cheese, fries, nachos, sliders, etc.

The Tunnel of Love -- Red Hot Cupcake with Cabernet Sauvignon, Mexican Chocolate with Sonoma Brut and Chocolate Cupcake with Vin Gris Rose

It was super hard to choose one out of the five different flights they offer. Since I love wines more than cupcakes, so I chose the flight based on the wines. The flight is $16, which seemed pretty worth it considering wine usually cost around $6 a glass at the cheapest, and mini cupcakes are usually $1.50 or so. The mini cupcakes are a bit dry and the buttercream was very creamy and sweet. I took a sip of wine before and after I take a bite of cupcake, and seriously, the wine tastes better without the cupcakes. The cupcakes were so overpowering that, I could not taste the wine at all. The wine did not enhance the cupcake flavor either. I was a little disappointed with the pairings, but at the very least, I did enjoy eating and drinking them separately.

In addition to the 3 mini wine pairing cupcakes, I also tried the regular size strawberry cupcake. The regular size cupcake is more moist and the frosting is just sweet enough, it was delicious! The frosting looked dense but it was actually pretty fluffy and light. I was expecting the regular size cupcake to be more moist since smaller cupcakes are harder to control sometimes because they get overbaked easily. The strawberry cupcake definitely make me want to go back and try others.  

The decor of American Cupcake is very modern and bright. The interior are all white with colorful lightings on the ceiling and jars of candies filled the wall. There are also booth as well as bar seating...a very trendy and fun hang out place. I would definitely go back for the atmosphere.

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