Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Curry House Round 2--Cupertino

10350 S. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino, CA
(408) 517-1440

So the first time I had Curry House, I was in Los Angeles. So recently, I found out that they have one in Cupertino, and they serve the same menu!! Yay, so now I can have yummy Japanese curry without traveling so far.

So last time I ordered my curry hot, which I thought wasn't hot enough. This time I ordered one level higher--extra hot (which was 75 cents extra by the way) Boy, I was in trouble! I couldn't even finish half. It was so spicy that it burns every single bite. For the first time my rice wasn't covered and drenched with curry. It was rice coverng curry!

Curry Chicken Rice Plate -- Small curry rice, fried shrimp, soup and salad

I ordered a rice plate with my extra hot chicken curry. The fried shirmp was pretty okay. The batter was crunchy and wasn't as light as tempura. The corn chowder soup was so good and creamy! The cream was not super thick and it was super smooth. The corn aroma was strong and seem pretty fresh. The salad dressing was good. It was also very light and especially refreshing when you ordered an extra hot curry.

Deluxe Menchi Katsu Curry--Curry pilaf wrapped in egg, topped with beef hamburger cutlet. Served with curry sauce

The Menchi Katsu was sooo good! Even though it was hamburger, which meant grounded meat, it still tasted very beefy and non-burger liked. I didn't like the batter on the shrimp from the rice plate, but the same katsu batter was perfect with the texture of the hamburger meat. I straight up thought it was regular meat but very tender one. The rice was just okay, a little bland. The egg was thin and fluffy, tasted pretty good with curry.
Curry Pan - Fried bread stuffed with delicious curry made of plenty of vegetables

Oh my gosh! This bun was so good! It was super hot when the order came out, which I regret for not taking a bite of right away since I was full. But just hours later when it was lukewarm, it still tasted super delicious! The crispy fried bread and the mushy meat and vegetable filling, and the aroma of the curry was so rich, I could smell it even when the bag was closed. This would make a wonderful lunch! I am definitely getting some more when I go back next time.

The restaurant was very clean and the staffs were very friendly and attentative. I also realized that the Cupertino Curry House has special deals all the time, especially during the summer. The last time I went, kids eat free! But even without specials and deals, the meal there are very affordable and very fulfilling.

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