Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Koi

4288 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 833-3938

Growing up in Hong Kong, I get really happy whenever my mom takes me to a wonton noodle house. Just the comfort of the wonton wrapper, the taste of the white pepper that was used to marinate the prawns, the crunchiness of the prawns, the juicy-ness of the pork--they all go really well together with a hot bowl of egg noodle...and oh yes, and some Chinese chili sauce.

There are only a couple of places that have nice wontons or should I say, wontons that taste like the ones I had in Hong Kong. One of these places is Just Koi in Dublin, CA. This restaurant or more like a cafe is in association with Koi Palace and Koi Garden, the tea houses. But instead of serving all dim sum, it serves noodles, fried rice. porridge and such.

The service at Just Koi is just okay. They rarely come and fill your water or tea and come really shortly before you even have a chance to look through the selective menu.

Wonton Noodle -- Egg noodles with prawn and pork wontons and vegetables

Just Koi's wontons are perfect! I love my wontons with prawns, not shrimps and white pepper! The white pepper is a must in marinating the prawns and in adding flavors to the wontons. The pork needs to be a little fatty in order for the wontons to be juicy. Delicious!

Salt and Pepper Tofu -- Deep fried tofu coated with salt and peppers

The Salt and Pepper Tofu was light battered and fried. The batter was very thin and crispy, which added just enough contrast to the soft steamy tofu inside. The fried garlic and chili added extra flavors with the salt and pepper as well.

I hardly order anything else here besides wonton noodles and maybe like other appetizers like the soya tofu. Other than that, the wontons are just too comforting for me to change and order something else.

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