Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Say Marco! I Say Gelato!

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream
1447 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 731-2833

Gelato is a variant of ice cream from Italy. But one place where I love getting gelato at is Marco Polo. At Marco Polo, almost all their gelato flavors are Asian inspired. Flavors like guava, mango, soursop, taro, coconut, green tea, black sesame, and even durian! They also have American inspired flavors like strawberry, chocolate and rum raisin. But none can beat my favorite flavor—lychee! It has tiny frozen lychee pieces in it, so it adds a little bit to the creamy texture. I actually love the black sesame flavor one too because of its powerful flavor.
Black Sesame & Lychee

Also, Marco Polo’s gelatos are very pastel in color, which means it’s super creamy! But even though it’s creamy, it actually has a lower butterfat content than ice cream..and that’s what classify it as a gelato. I also like Marco Polo’s gelato because it’s not overly sweet like most other places I have tried.
For a small cup, you can have up to two different flavors, and they don’t charge extra for cones! It is a bit expensive though because a pint cost about $8.00 and it keeps going up every time I go back. But doesn’t matter how much it is, I think I will keep going back for more!

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