Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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On a nice sunny day, my boyfriend brought over a pint of delicious Earl Grey Tea ice cream from Sketch. He told me he ordered it for me two days ago...I got confused. You need to order ice cream? Apparently Sketch used to have a store front but the owners closed it so they can focus on their beautiful new born baby. According to my boyfriend, they still sell ice cream, but you would have to call in to order and pick it up at their apartment. Interesting!

I was never a fan of Earl Grey Tea, but I am a fan of Earl Grey Tea ice cream. My very first taste of it was at Birite Ice-Creamery in San Francisco. So when my boyfriend showed me the pint, I chuckled and told him that I didn't like Earl Grey Tea. Little did he know that I do like the ice cream made with Earl Grey Tea. Anyhow, Sketch's ice cream does not consist any eggs and cream, they made their ice cream with only Straus Organic milk, and whatever ingredients needed for the flavor.
Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

This ice cream is simply guilt-free! It melts faster than regular ice cream and not as airy, but it was still pretty creamy and very light. If I am going to order it from Sketch in the future, I want to try something fruity and see how the texture turns out.

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