Wednesday, August 4, 2010


568 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 983-0102

I went to Wexler's after a fun tiring day back in July. Wexler's Scrotch Eggs were on the 2010 SF Big Eat List, so I ended up there for dinner one night. I was running late, and so I called in to let the hostess know. She said that they will reserve my table for 15 minutes in a pretty rude tone. I was about ten minutes late on top of the 15 minutes and upon entering, I told her about my reservation and with a rude look, she said that I have lost my table since I was late but I can sit at the bar if I like. I said okay and ended up sitting at the bar. Then for the next 30 minutes or so, the table that was supposed to be reserved for me was still emtpy. WTH! I should have just gone onto and reserve again! For the rest of the night, that same hostess looked like she was "pms-ing". She hardly smiled and she stood around checking out her own nails. She made this dinner experience not a very good one.

BBQ Scotch Eggs -- Burnt Ends, House Made Hot Sauce, Sweet Tea Gastrique
I was quite excited about this dish since this lady in one of the Paper Source classes I went to said that this was the best thing she had eaten on the list so far. Anyhow, the BBQ Scotch Eggs are basically deep fried poached eggs with running yolks--sounds unhealthy eh? Indeed, but it tasted pretty good. The batter was a little to hard for my taste though. The inside just tasted like a regular poach eggs. I found that I kept eating it with the sauce and the garnishes; in other words, it was a bit bland. I must have overhyped myself about it. I don't think I will try this again since I am watching my diet.

Smoked Fulton Valley Chicken Breast -- King Trumpets, Spring Onions, Favas, Smoked Onion Chicken Jus
Onto something healthier! The chicken breast was delicious! It was very, very tender and juicy. It is probably one of the best chicken breast I had at a restaurant. The king trumpets and spring onions made the sauce really good. The chicken tasted good by itself, but I like dipping it into the sauce before I eat it. Becareful though, mthe spring onion in this dish was delicious but quite slimey and huge, so I almost got choked because the onion got stuck in my throat.  

Smoked Farrotto -- Shelburne Farms Cheddar, Green Garlic, Black Trumpet Mushrooms
This was my very first taste of farrotto. Before this, I never even heard of it. Farrotto, which is a risotto-liked dish made with farro! Farro is a relative of the wheat specie which originates from the Middle East. It needs to be soaked before use and is mainly used as a pasta. This Smoked Farrotto was very, very creamy and heavy. It was very thick, probably from the starch of the farro, but it was very flavorful. I couldn't really tell that it was cheddar cheese but I could tell that it had mushrooms in it. I think this dish should be shared since it's so bold and heavy.

Wexler's sure provided some interesting ingredients and dishes. The service was decent overall. The bartender was also our server since I was at the bar; she was very nice by the way. And as long as I don't have to deal with that hostess, I wouldn't mind going back again.

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