Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Big Eat SF List: #25 Tartine Bakery, #75 Coco500 & #84 Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

#25 Loaf of bread straight out of the oven at Tartine

Went to Tartine at about 6:30pm and most of their breads were already gone. Tartine's breads are made fresh out of the oven at 5pm from Wednesday to Sunday. When I got mine, it was still very warm in the paper bag. Only olive ones were left when I got there on a Wednesday, so I bought a loaf of olive bread. The bread itself was filled with olives, and the olives gave the bread really unique flavor. The crust were pretty hard and the inside were soft. The bread was good, but not super, maybe because I usually prefer bread that doesn't have too hard of a crust.

#75 Fried green beans at Coco500

These fried green beans are super duper addictive! The fried green beans come with meyer lemon aioli. The dish as a whole was very oily but the batter was very light and flakey. The beans tasted good by itself, and tasted even better with the meyer lemon aioli. As unhealthy as it can get, I would definitely go back for more.

#84 A Margarita at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

I am a sucker for cocktails, but not margarita, especially a regular and unflavored one. I don't like that sour sweet taste with tequila. But I finally found one that I like very, very much--the margarita from Tommy's! I watched the bartender prepared this goodie. He put lots of ice in a blender, tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice. He also used a straw to test it before pouring it out for the customers. I don't know how to describe it, but it tasted nothing like those pre-mixed one or mixers. Ever since I had one, I'd been wanting more!

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