Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Yogurt!!

I think I have mentioned that I am a big frozen yogurt fan, but never really mention that I am a BIG regular yogurt fan also! I am a sucker for different or creative flavors of light or non-fat yogurt. When I see new ones I never seen or those I have never tried, I'll get one...and then get more if it's good.

Here are just a few of my discovery over time, I am sure there are more but I just never took pictures of them. What do you think of these flavors?

I think Yoplait has one of the creamiest light yogurt with 100 calories per 6oz cup. It makes a really nice and healthy dessert.

Yoplait Light Yogurt's Red Velvet Cake - When I saw this on the shelf, I immediately grabbed one. Watching your weight? Try this yogurt as an alternative to a real red velvet cupcake. Of course, the texture will be different but the taste is pretty similar. I like it!

Light & Fit is one of my favorite. I think it's because it's light and fit! The texture of the yogurt is more watery though, thus lower in calories, with 80 calories per 6oz cup.
Dannon Light & Fit's Toasted Coconut Vanilla, Apple Pie and Pomergrante Berry - Yummo! I don't like vanilla ice cream but I like vanilla yogurt. I think Light & Fit's vanilla is my favorite. Now it's even better because it is flavored with coconut! They also have cherry vanilla, which is also very, very good! The apple pie was kind of weird. It has cinnamon powder and chunks of apples in it. It was okay, I probably won't get it again. I have yet to try pomergrante berry. They are in my fridge right now. I will try them in the next two days. Update soon! Oh yes, do try the strawberry cheesecake one! Good stuff!

Lucerne's another one of my favorite along with Dannon Light & Fit. Lucerne's yogurt is thicker but not as creamy as Yoplait. And yeah, I went a little crazy with my yogurt run below. Lucerne yogurt is about 90 calories per 6oz except for plain, which is 80 calories per 6oz.

Lucerne Light Yogurt - Passion Orange Pineapple, Kiwi Lime, Lemon Chiffon, Limited Edition's Gingerbread, Peach, Barlett Pear Mangoesteen and Key Lime - They are all good, period! The Barlett Pear Mangosteen has pieces of pear in them! The Kiwi Lime is one of my favorite, you can actually see the seeds of kiwi in the yogurt. Passion Orange Pineapple was a bit too sweet for me but yummy regardless.

I will continue on my yogurt look. I think I love all fruity flavor as well as dessert inspired one except for chocolate. I don't know why, but I think I will be brave and try that next time.

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