Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sophia's Thai Kitchen & Bar

129 E St, Davis, CA
(530) 758-4333

This is one of my favorite Thai restaurants of all time. It is not too authentic, but good and upscale casual Thai food with a teeny bit of American touch. The restaurant consisted of two separate building--one the restaurant with outdoor seatings, and one for the bar. Both very nice and classy, but casual! I recommend their regular or flavored mojito! It is very fruity and minty and bubbly! I think the bubbly part makes this mojito unique from other bar's mojitos.

One noticeable thing about Sophia's Thai is their free refills on Thai Iced Tea. It is also one of the better iced tea I had in the Thai restaurant catagory.

I also recommend their Crispy Calamari and Garlic Mushrooms for appetizers. The crispy calamari is the large cut kind, not the Italian kind. The spicy citrus sauce goes perfectly well with it. The garlic mushroom is super garlicky and super tasty since the mushrooms soak up all the flavors.

My favorite entree at Sophia's Thai is the Spicy Eggplant Stir Fry. It is eggplant stirfry in a red curry sauce. I hardly order curry at Thai restaurant, but this I ordered everytime. Unlike most watery curry at Thai restaurants, this one is very creamy and rich. This comes with either beef, chicken, shrimps, regular tofu or fried tofu and a side of rice.

Spicy Eggplant Stir Fry - Sauteed eggplants, bell peppers and fresh basil in red curry

My boyfriend likes their curry noodle. It is thicker round rice noodle with either red curry or green curry. They are very generous with the vegetables and meat that come with the soup.

Green Curry Noodle - Round rice noodles in green curry with fresh basil, bell peppers and green beans and snow peas

This noodle is very flavorful since the soup itself is made with curry. Although you have to take a risk on this one, usually the noodle is cooked perfectly but one time, it was overcooked. Other than that it is pretty good noodle soup!

This place makes a good lunch spot as well as dinner spot. I like coming here for dinner because after dinner, you just have to walk over to the bar and start sipping their delicious gourmet cocktails!

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