Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

34396 Alvarado Niles Rd, Union City, CA
(510) 675-9919

I love hot pot or fonduing because there are so many types of food on the table for you to choose and eat at all time until you're full. You can also order whatever you want off the menu whenever you want. Little Sheep's menu is extensive. They have many types of meat, seafood, vegetable, mushrooms, meat balls, animal intestines, noodles, soup base, cooked items and appetizers to choose from. I find that it is more economical if you order their assorted platter from each sections if you like varieties.

My hotpot usually consists of a type of fatty beef, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables! It is best to boil some meat in the soup broth and then boil the veggies after. The meats enrich the soup and the veggies absorb the flavor. The broth use for hotpoting is also very important because it adds flavor to the food you put in as well as soup you can drink in the end.

What sets Mongolian hotpot apart from traditional Japanese hotpot or American fondue is that they use herbs in their broth...thus, the soup supposes to be very good for you.

House original soup with tofu, handcut fatty beef, homemade shrimpballs, king mushrooms and assorted vegetable platter (peas sprout, lettuce, A choy and napa cabbage).

I also tried three different types of beef off their menu including the one below. I do not recommend the hand cut ones because they are much thicker, thus pretty rough even though it is quite marbled. The best one I had was the Supreme Fatty Beef Slice, very fatty but super flavorful and tender!

Hand Cut Fatty Beef

I had try their assorted homemade meat balls platter, which contains beef balls, lamb balls and shrimp balls. Out of the three, I really like their shrimp balls. It is super bouncy and fills with shrimp flavors.
Homemade Shrimp Balls

Last but not least, I HIGHLY recommend the Mongolian Beef Pie! It is a deep fried pie that contains minced beef in layers of flakey crust. It is super greasy (I use napkin to absorb extra oil), but it is SO good! I don't usually eat oily food but I can eat the whole pie if I want to!
Mongolian Beef Pie

I would go back to Little Sheep anytime. They also have another location at San Mateo. I'd been to Little Sheep twice so far, both times, I left feeling satisfied. All the pictures above were from what I ordered for my second visit. I should have taken pictures from the first visit, because my friends and I ordered an insane amount of food for three people, but this time, for two. But it is okay to over order, because they actually let you back your leftover soup to go...so no waste! The soup also taste great the next day especially if you add noodle to it!

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