Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have You Seen My English Muffin?

So last Friday I brought an English muffin to work in a ziplock bag, hoping that I can put some stuffing it in and eat it lunch. But at lunch time, my coworkers and I decided to go out for food instead. Poor English muffin was then left in my locker. Before I leave for work, I took it out to decide a nice dry place for it so I can save it for Monday. Sadly to say, I did not see it or remember where I had put it on Monday. It wasn't in my locker, the fridge, under my desk, or anywhere in my cubicle.

In memory of my english muffin (who perhaps suppose to be paired with tuna salad):

English muffin with egg, Canadian bacon and shredded parmesan cheese

English muffin with smoked salmon, light cream cheese and cucumber

Must go buy more English muffin now because I have so many ideas of what to eat with them!

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