Friday, April 16, 2010


3913 24th Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 282-0344

Went to Savor for dinner on a Wednesday night. First off, the place was very mexico decor liked but very modern. The place was a bit dim with fireplace and candle lights on the table. The side windows definitely let in a lot of natural lightings. There is also outdoor seatings with heating posts. The service was great. The waitress attended to the table very often and refilled my soda without even being asked. Awesome!

The menu at Savor is pretty similar to all other French Crepery, which always a type of Florentine Crepes along with Greek liked one, Tuscany liked one, one with Salmon or Pesto Chicken or Curry, etc etc. The only difference are the names and maybe one of two ingredients in it.

I usually order a florentine crepe, but as recommended by my coworker, I ordered the Tuscany this time. It was very flavorful. I never like meat in my crepe because I like my crepe "mushy", so I didn't really like the chicken, not that it wasn't tender, but just a personal preference. The crepe comes with a side of house potatoes and salad, but I just ordered mine with salad only. They give you a lot of everything! My salad was fresh and dressing was delicious!

Tuscany Crepe - Sauteed chicken breast with mushrooms, raosted garlic, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, roasted almonds and parmesan cheese

My coworker ordered the Barcelona crepe, which is like the florentine crepe, which consisted of spinach, cheese and onion. The glazed onion was amazing!!! It wasn't as flavorful as the Tuscany, but still filled with flavors.
Barcelona - Spinach and mushrooms with fontina cheese and glazed onions

I think this is one of the better crepery I'd been to, and I would definitely go back for their crepes.

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